The great visionary and founder of the Kailash, Shri Masukhlal Thakral took the sucessful turn in the industry and started the production and marketing of spices products in the year 1991. This was the great turn found huge market of these products in the area of maharashtra (India). Some of the popular products are as Chilly Powder, Turmeric, Coriander Powder, Garam Masala, Dry Mango Powder etc. Now within the span of time the industry spread the area of marketing to Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka.

The raw material required for the preparation of spices are readily available at Kalamna market situated at Nagpur (India) which is one of the biggest market in ASIA .  Our spices are all AGMARK quality which is the highest quality mark for agro produce in India.

Our Products are more Popular than other branded products because of :
Quality consistency.
Large variety.
Own formulation and laboratories.
Hygenic products.
Available in attractive foil packing.
Available at reasonable prices.
Using modern and automatic machineries.
Turmeric Powder
Four varieties available depending upon its color and cucumin content.
2. Pkg 10 grams to 5 kg
Dry Mango Powder
Available in 3 varieties.
2. Pkg 10 grams to 5 kg
Coriander Powder
Available in three varieties depending upon color & flavour.
2. Pkg 10 grams to 5 kg
Chilly Powder
Nine varieties available depending upon its color, pungency & particle size.
2. Pkg 10 grams to 5 kg
Garam Masala
Available in four varieties depending upon its flavour and taste.
2. Pkg 10 grams to 5 kg
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